ABGX 360

Verify your games using ABGX 360. Select the .iso for the game, go to autofix and select "Level 3" then click Launch at the bottom.

ABGX also creates new .dvd files if they are missing and fixes corrupted or damaged .dvd files automatically.

IMG Burn

Use IMG Burn to properly burn your XBOX 360 .isos. Do not open IMG Burn and select the .iso you want to burn, but instead open the .dvd file that was included with the .iso or created with ABGX 360.

Also, for safeguard measures, Go to Tools, then Settings, then Write, and under Options Layerbreak (for DL Media) select User Specified and on Sectors in L0, input 1913760.


I advise you all to use Jdownloader for downloading, you just paste the links you want to be downloaded into the program, and it does the work for you

Sunday, November 8, 2009

PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer NTSC

PASSWORD: nowloaded.org

*WAVE 4*